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Dedicated server in Bulgaria

Below are the most popular server configurations that are ordered in Bulgaria. Each dedicated server comes with free administration. At the checkout stage, you can change the configuration as you wish-add RAM, hard drives or connect RAID, if changes are allowed in this configuration.

Setup time
Server installation time in Bulgaria is 24-72 hours
Port and Traffic
Port 1 Gbps, traffic is not considered and is not limited on all servers
IP address
Provided 1 IP address expandable up to 256 Ip
Free with every server
Full support of the server 24/7
1 domain RU
Free gift for 1 year
  • Install OS
  • 1 IPv4
  • KVM / IPMI
  • VIP zone DC

Server with discount

Xeon E3-1240 v6
4 cores at 3.70 GHz
8 Gb DDR3
2 x 1 Tb SATA
Xeon E5-2430
6 cores at 2.30 GHz
16 Gb DDR3
2 x 1 Tb SATA
2 х Xeon E5-2440 v2
16 cores at 1.90 GHz
16 Gb DDR3
2 x 1 Tb SATA
Each server you order has basic DDOS protection for the entire lease term.
You can not be afraid for the availability of your projects!
  • Protection 24\7
  • Lock IP
  • Traffic filtering
  • Autotuning

Dedicated servers in Bulgaria

These dedicated servers are perfectly suited for most standard projects and are represented by a wide range of models, which allows you to find the optimal solution for any given task.
Powerful dual-processor servers designed for high-load projects where high processing power is required. Flexible configuration options ensure comfortable operation even in the most extreme situations.
Did not find the right option in Bulgaria? Write to us! Or see other countries to rent a server

Only reliable and trusted servers

Our goal-Your comfortable and safe work, so we carefully test the server before issuing to the client and use only proprietary equipment companies Dell, Supermicro and HP. Join us today, make Your project prosperous and successful!
Full control over the dedicated server
You get a dedicated server with full administrator rights without restrictions
Popular operating system
A wide range of popular operating systems to choose from - from Unix to Windows
Ipv6 free with any server
If you need IPv6, just let us know and we will allocate block / 64 for free
Our services are available to everyone and always
Our company provides its services to both individuals and companies
Bonuses and discounts
domain in .ru
Place an order for a VDS server on any tariff plan for a period of 3 months or more and get a .RU domain for free for a period of 1 year
30 days
Pay for any dedicated server for a period of 6 months and get 30 days in addition to the paid period from us for free.
50% discount
on vds
Only until March 30, 2020, place an order for any VDS server tariff plan with a 50% discount for the first month of rent.
Free management
Support and Administration Department works without breaks and weekends around the clock. All requests are processed exclusively through the ticket system, which eliminates confusion and misunderstandings. Guaranteed response time to the ticket is 1 hour
Frequently asked question
Is it possible to host a adult site?
Yes, adult websites are allowed on dedicated servers located in Bulgaria. But strictly prohibited videos using minors and zoo themes.
Where are the servers located?
The servers are located in Sofia, Bulgaria. Data center of Tier III+ class with high class of data protection and fire safety. All main areas of the data center are equipped with video surveillance system with records archiving. In addition, all buildings are equipped with a security alarm system.
What can I use a dedicated server for?
Physical dedicated server (Dedicated) is an independent server located in the data Center - all resources of this server belong to 1 client and are not shared between outsiders. The server is accessed via SSH or Remote desktop. You can place your websites or other projects on it.
Do you have a test period?
No, servers are provided upon payment. We do not give the server for testing, due to numerous violations. The minimum rental period is 30 days.
Who administers the server?
Each server is connected to the system of free administration, if you need help in setting up, transferring sites or other work with the software - just write to us about it, our admin team will help you quickly and completely free of charge.
How fast will I get the server after payment?
As a rule, the average server activation time is within 24-72 hours, but some orders may be processed longer, depending on the configuration or availability of components in stock. If the activation period is more than 72 hours, the Manager will contact You and inform you about it.